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Network York...York’s premier business club

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Some personal thoughts from our members

“Network York is the most refreshingly different type of networking that is around. Many copy its format but none are as good.”

Michael Menzies Baird. Consultant solicitor at Coles Solicitors
Founder Member 2006
“Network York has given me the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial working relationships with key business leaders in the York area. The meetings are always informative and enjoyable with a  flexible format that suits the needs of members.”

Jane Coope: M.D. The HR Dept.
Member since 2015
“Network York has emerged into one of the most effective networks that I have ever belonged to. It is like a family of like minded business people who care about each other and each others businesses.”

Jane Sachedina: Sachedina Solicitors
Founder member 2006
“Network York is an entirely refreshing experience, the informal format is welcomed but most of all I am thoroughly impressed by the people who make up the group.”

Charlotte Harrison. M.D. Mass Architecture Chartered Architects
Member since 2013

“I have been a member of Network York for 5 years and I find it to be professional, friendly and informal. It offers the opportunity to share ideas and to benefit from the experiences of other professionals. The size and structure of the network means that we really get to build strong relationships, the foundations of which ensure that business gets done within the group wherever possible.”

Chelle Thirsk: M.D. CGA Chartered Accountants
Member since 2011
“Being a member of Network York for the last few years reinforces my principles that “good business is built on strong relationships”.  This networking group is informal and friendly yet professional and business focused.  It has a great spread of professionals from all areas of business, giving you access to their expertise and experiences in all areas of business life.”

Keith Humphries. M.D. Pinpoint Commercial Finance Ltd
Member since 2014
“Our monthly meeting of professionals has provided a very useful forum for networking and learning with other likeminded professionals. Firm friends have been made and real business has been generated”

Peter Gibson. M.D. Coles Solicitors
Member since 2010
“I have been a member of Network York for 5 years. It is a close, friendly, trustworthy membership.”

Nick Hey. Wealth Management Ltd
Member since 2010

“I have been a member of Network York since it’s launch in 2006. It is a small and perfectly formed network , building a true understanding of the members business and services they can offer in a friendly and welcoming environment long term relationships can prosper.”

Andrew Richardson: M.D. Pen-Life Associates Ltd
Founder Member 2006
“I have been a member of Network York for 6 years now and have found it to be one of the best networks that I have and am attending. It is a more in depth form of networking and therefore you get to make the all important trusting relationships between the members leading to quality business referrals.”

Adrian McClaren: Independent Mortgage Adviser
Member since 2010
“I have been a member of Network York since it started in 2006 it is a great place for businesses and professionals to network and share and discuss business issues.”

Manar Matusiak. M.D. Living Autism Ltd
Founder Member 200
Network York is a great group to be a part whether you are a large or small business.  Whilst the meetings are structured the atmosphere is relaxed and sociable.

Julie Parkin Business Development Manager Novotel York. Member since 2016

“I have been a member of Network York for many years. In recent months our workload has been the result of connections in one form or another going back over 6 years.
Being a member of Network York has certainly been very beneficial and I have met a lot of useful contacts.”

Steve Kent M.D. Kent Building Developments Ltd
Member since 2010
We have been members of Network York for approximately 3 years now and have gain several new clients as a result of this. The group is friendly and approachable, and made me feel very welcome when I started. The network believes in growth through building relationships - it's not about who is in the room, but who those people know.

Andy Sumner. Sane Design Ltd
Member since 2013
“Network York provides the perfect blend of informality within a business networking structure. This generates natural insight and referrals between members from a broad range of companies and skill-sets. “

Andrew Crawford M.D. Amber Digital Marketing Ltd, Member since 2016
“I am a new member of Network York having joined towards the end of 2015. The group was extremely sociable and welcoming from the off. There are members who, through the group, are colleagues but also firm friends yet it never feels cliquey. What is most striking is that every member is genuinely supportive and encouraging of the businesses and ideas of other members. If one person raises a problem or spots an opportunity there is always a raft of suggested solutions or recommended people to contact. I attended as a guest member one month and immediately signed up!

In only a short amount of time I have been referred work for new clients, have recommended people I know to members of the group and have recommended members to people I know. Every week business is conducted between members but also between members and people they know outside of the group. In short it’s a network that works.”

James Plant. Barrister
Member since 2015